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Amores Patos

May 20, 2020

Anna and Faby recap “Quack Pack!” Clan McDuck are the stars of the newest, hippest sitcom, but how did they achieve stardom in the first place? Starring Goofy as their wacky, nextdoor neighbor and “Nox Quackington” as the mysterious, globetrotting photographer!  

References: Quack Pack (1996), DuckTales the...

May 8, 2020

Anna and Faby recap “Challenge of the Junior Senior Woodchucks!” Huey and Violet compete for the coveted title of Senior Woodchuck! At the same time, Scrooge tries to get the family to follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Isabella Finch, only to be foiled by a colorful, musically inclined bird!